Stay green and stop printing your PPSA search results!
We store them on line, you can find them anytime using your criteria, and iSearchPPSA makes them so easy to decipher on screen.
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Development, customer care and hosting for our products are all in Canada.
  • Doing it quicker:
    • Only two steps to place your order;
    • Enter only once your criteria for all the provinces you want to search;
  • On screen validation for ALL provincial rules, including the serial types (province specific: VIN, aircraft, mobile home, etc.);
  • One order for as many criteria as necessary of any type (serial, business, individual) in as many provinces as needed;
  • Entirely bilingual: interface, reports and results (where the registries allow it);
  • 24/7 availability: when the PPR is closed or down, your requests are queued and processed as soon as the registry opens.
  • Speed for all provinces: 4 min at most, as soon as provided by the registry;
  • On screen alerts with a hyperlink to your new results, notify you as soon as they are available;
  • Email, when wanted, to several addresses, with results as hyperlinks
    (no large attachments overloading your email server).
  • Stored in the application: review and email them again if/when necessary;
  • Find a past result using your reference, creation time, requestor, etc.
  • On screen lien summary, shown by rank priority, and including its history (amendments, renewals, discharges);
  • Navigate through hyperlinks from the summary to any registration;
  • Your search criterion is highlighted in the retrieved registrations;
  • Condensed view of registrations spanning on several pages
    (e.g.: Ontario parties / vehicles / collateral description, spanning on several pages, are grouped in single blocks);
  • The original PPR document is always available;
  • Generate added value search reports into a common format, far shorter and easier to read, including all relevant info
    (Microsoft Word compatible);
  • Summary available in English and French.
  • Electronically available the next business day, when the PPR publishes them;
  • Besides the original text format from the PPR, get on your screen the same look & feel you get for web results (verbal): same easy to read format;
  • The Expiry Date is computed for you (since it is not explicitly provided for high volume / certified copies).
  • In Ontario, where the exact name is required, we provide on screen lookup to find the exact corporation name(s) prior to searching;
  • Only details for significant matches are returned, along with the list of disregarded similar matches, when the registries include many irrelevant occurrences
    (e.g.: business names in Québec and Saskatchewan; serial numbers (VIN) in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British-Columbia).
  • B2B system integration using XML Web-Services (or the technology of your choice);
  • Search results returned in different formats: PDF, HTML, XML, etc. to your system (or just by email);
  • Powerful reporting features.
  • Industry standard encryption for accessing the system and for user accounts
    (e.g.: TLS 2048 bits connection, hashed passwords, users locked out after too many unsuccessful attempts, etc.);
  • Your own administrators in charge of your users: create, inactivate, update them and reset forgotten passwords.
  • Billing periods according to transaction volumes (weekly, monthly, etc.);
  • Invoiced orders grouped by branches or criteria of your choice;
  • Discount available based on volume.